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Protecting The Spread Of Ticks In Your Area

Ticks are nasty creatures that can cause a lot of harm and damage.  These creatures spread disease as well as cause damage to the environment.  When it comes to residential tick control mapleton it is important that everyone do their part in preventing the spread.  Here are some other options and solutions that you can implement.

Cut your grass

The grass and long weeds that reside beside water and in cool dark places is a great breeding ground for ticks.  To help prevent the spread of the ticks you want to make sure your grass and the grass around you is cut and maintained.  If not, then ticks will have a place to live and travel from.

residential tick control mapleton

Prevent the spread

You want to prevent the spread of the ticks by keeping dogs and other animals out of the tall grass and areas where the ticks live.  When it is tick season, many animals will want to run off into the woods and other areas where ticks live.  To prevent the spread, keep your pets out of these areas and within the confines of your home.  If they do get out, have them checked all over for any ticks that may have gotten on them before allowing them back into the house.

Do self-inspections and exams.  When you have traveled outside or may have been in areas where ticks may have been, you want to do self-inspections when you get home.  You want to stand in front of a mirror before taking a shower and even have someone else give you an inspection as well.

Killing ticks

You will want to kill ticks as quickly as possible.  Rubbing alcohol, tweezers and a paper towel are all components that you can use to remove the ticks.  You want to grab the tick by the back of the head with the tweezers and with a paper towel to catch it, pull gently but firmly on the tick then dip it in the alcohol.  Throwing a tick away doesn’t ensure that it is dead.